Technical Training Support

Specialized Training Support Services

Monitor the work activity & provide oversight & supervision of all on-site contractor personnel; maintain good communications with the KSC Human Resource Development and Recognition Office and organizations. Schedule course offerings; announce course opportunities to KSC workforce; administer the registration and enrollment of employees in on-site courses; open & close training course and program sessions (when required); provide training-related reports for Agency & Center special interest data calls (i.e., Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Plan, Annual Affirmative Employment Plan, etc.) & submit requested data (i.e., Office of Diversity & Equal Opportunity); provide access as appropriate to KSC civil servants and contractor personnel.

Training Assistance Support Services

Follow training program opportunities from announcement through registration; receive, review, consolidate and integrate final selections and prepare nomination letters; update employee training history; administer evaluation process; provide events planning services; serve as Facility manager for KSC training facilities.

Technical Training Lead Instructor Support Services

Training Instruction Support Services – Conducting training programs in an operational or industrial environment that includes record management activities and utilization of a learning management system. Conduct or provide instructor-led, computer-based, and media-based training classes as required. Conduct course evaluations upon completion of training. Review course evaluations received from participants to determine if training accomplished its objectives and was appropriate for target audience. Contact participant and supervisor, as appropriate, for clarification if training objectives are not met and determine/recommend corrective action. Provide guidance to workforce as needed regarding the use of SATERN for on-line availability of Agency-mandated training, such as Information Technology (IT) Security. Coordinate the access of web-based courses for area access requirements. Ensure technical training courses are available to all NASA KSC, USAF, and contractor employees requiring area access to controlled areas where work must be performed. Ensure all employees have access to industrial training as needed to maintain admittance to restricted areas.