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Service Outcomes Thanks to our Employees

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REDE provides services at Johnson Space Center, Kennedy Space Center, the Environmental Protection Agency  and CenterPoint Energy (Houston).  Due to the work our staff has done on our contracts, and the work we have done with various agencies and mentoring other small business, REDE has been honored with several awards.

March 2016 - Safety & Health Excellence Award - Stellar , JSC Contractor Safety & Health Forum

March 2016 - 2015 Safety & Health Innovation Award, JSC Contractor Affairs Safety Committee

2014 - NASA JSC Secretary of Excellence Award, One employee selected March 2014, two employees selected June 2014

June 16, 2014 - Successfully completed Stage III of OSHA Challenge.

March 2014 - JSC Contractor Safety Forum Safety Excellence Award - Nova

2013 - NASA JSC Secretary of Excellence Award, seven employees received the award in 2013

March 2013 - JSC Contractor Safety Forum Safety Excellence Award - Stellar

2012 - NASA JSC Secretary of Excellence Award, two employees selected March 2012, two employees selected June 2012

March 2012 - JSC Contractor Safety Forum Safety Excellence Award - Super Nova (highest level) (for demonstrating our excellent contribution to maintaining a safe work environment at JSC.)

July 2011 – NASA JSC Space Flight Awareness Launch Honoree Award, 3 RCNSS employees recognized for their outstanding support to JSC.

July 2011 – NASA JSC Secretary of Excellence Award, six employees were presented awards.

March 2011 – NASA JSC Contractor Safety Forum Excellence Award - Nova

2011 KSC “Catch an Environmentalist Award – for role in supporting the SBU Destruction/Recycling Project

2011 KSC KISS REDE/Critique Procurement Support Office Award – assisted in implementing a streamlined FPDS-NG process

2011 KIS KISS Space Flight Awareness Awards – given to two employees for excellence in planning and implementation of multiple education programs

March 2010 - JSC Contractor Safety Forum Safety Excellence Award – Super Nova (highest level)

March 2010 – Safety & Health Innovation Award – Honorable Mention (1st year these awards have been presented.

May 2009 – US Small Business Administration “Administrator’s Award for Excellence”

In recognition of outstanding contribution and service to the nation by a small business in satisfying the needs of the Federal procurement system.

April 2009 – Government Procurement Award – JSC 8(a) Team Member of the Year Award - GPC is a collaborative effort between the City of Houston, State of Texas, Houston Federal Executive Board, Port of Houston Authority, Metropolitan Transit Authority, Houston Minority Business Council, United Space Alliance, Women’s Business Enterprise Alliance and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

November 2008 – Emerging 10, Houston Minority Council

June 2008 – REDE honored by having a plaque with the company logo flown on STS 124, crew also signed a company t-shirt.

June 2008 – NASA JSC Contractor Safety Forum Excellence Award. Based upon company OSHA safety data, and participation and support activity level in the Contractor Affairs Safety Committee and the Contractor Safety Forum, and safety “best practices”.

2008 – Aggie Top 100 Award #18. Second year in a row for REDE to be recognized by the Aggie 100 for employing wisdom, and tenacity.

2007 – NASA JSC Minority Contractor of the Year Award

2007 – Aggie Top 100 #1 - REDE awarded the #1 award for growth while showing vision, wisdom and tenacity

REDE’s latest honor was given by the Small Business Administration when we were honored as an SBA 100 company.

“SBA 100 features one hundred businesses that have created at least 100 jobs since receiving SBA assistance. The 100 companies are from across America and do business in a variety of industries, from manufacturing, to food and beverage, to shipping. Each business received SBA support in the form of capital, contracting, counseling or investment before going on to create at least 100 jobs.”  Click on the link below to go to the SBA website.


http://www.sba.gov/sba-100/rede-inc  REDE’s page on the website.


Current Relevant Performance

Ames Research Center, California
Johnson Space Center, Texas
White Sands Test Facility, New Mexico
Kennedy Space Center, Florida
CenterPoint Energy, Houston TX
US Navy, New Orleans, LA

Past Performance

Environmental Protection Agency, San Francisco, CA
US Department of Agriculture
US Department of Commerce, Washington, DC
Department of Energy, Oak Ridge, TN
Stennis Space Center, Mississippi
Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD
Marshall/Michould Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL
SAIC, Houston, TX
National Basketball Association, New Orleans, LA