Norma Award

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Community Service

REDE employees and corporate staff work with various community agencies as volunteers, professionals and authors to help those around them improve their skills and knowledge.


"I want to thank REDE Critique for their memorial gift in memory of my mom to the GSS of Las Cruces. They sent me a letter notifying me that they received the memorial gift from REDE and how much they appreciated it and I can’t tell you how much that means to me personally."

"REDE has such a great spirit of caring for each of us individually and I feel honored to be a part of such a wonderful organization and you, Norma, represent that spirit admirably for our company."

"May God bless you abundantly for your spirit of caring, it means so much during these tough times."


Our staff work with a variety of charity and community organizations to give back  to their community.  At KSC our employees work to gather donations for the United Way Fund, to support the Central Brevard Sharing Center  and worked with students with various disabilities at the KSC Disability Mentoring Day.  One our DOE ORO contract our employees were the horseshoe champions at the DOE OR Unity Picnic.  In New Orleans, the corporate office sponsored the LA Express 9U Baseball traveling team, who made it to the state championship  in June of 2011.

Professional Volunteers

Our corporate staff participate in many small business, mentoring and volunteer organizations.  They also work continuously in continuing education and accreditation to keep their skills sharp and remain at the top of their game:  We have:

REDE has served NASA, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Energy and various other government agencies.  We have teamed with various partners throughout the years and worked with them to improve systems, lower risk and assist younger companies to grow and learn the process of doing business with the Federal government.

Services Provided to Employees

REDE employees have access to our offsite Microsoft Testing Center and are able to take training and become certified in:

Our employees are Also

Many of our employees have published articles in various magazines .  Some of these articles can be found on